Surfnet’s Year in Review for 2022

Surfnet’s Year in Review for 2022

Surfnet’s Year in Review for 2022

In its evaluation of 2022, Surfnet examines the year’s achievements, noteworthy events, and successes in the following areas.

New Developments in Marketing

Surfnet employed Andrea Lovelady to start a marketing division. In the past year, she has been able to brand all of the company’s home equipment, rebuild the website, and create customer surveys. Andrea has also improved the entire user experience by interacting as much as possible with customers on social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. This year, Surfnet implemented a system for notifying customers of power outages via email and text message.

Applying for Grants

Jessica Engle was hired by Surfnet as a grant writer this year, allowing them to submit applications for three $150,000 CASF grants and a share of the $5 billion NTIA Middle Mile Grant. The three CASF funds, with an average value of close to $150K each, would be used to run fiber-optic cable to local fire departments as well as the Building Blocks Preschool, which is part of the Loma Prieta Community Foundation.

Expanding and Improving Infrastructure

Surfnet continues to improve its power supply technology to meet the increased demands of California’s power outages. As a result, they constructed two 50-foot towers to serve the underserved rural community. Surfnet was awarded a contract to install Fiber optics in all homes of the Monterey Dunes Colony development, which is set to begin in the second quarter of 2023. Because they must demonstrate that everything is done on previously disturbed soil, their permit plans call for running the fiber cable beneath the walkway. Surfnet is thus acting in an environmentally responsible manner. They also increased the capacity of their backhaul by up to tenfold to provide faster speeds to their customers. They increased the download speed of their premium package from 25 to 50 Mbps at no additional cost to the customer. Furthermore, Surfnet was hired to install fiber in Anza Vineyard Estates, a new Pismo Beach rural community. They will continue with their installation process as each new home is built.

Giving Back to the Community

Surfnet installed a free hotspot at the Loma Prieta Community Foundation this year. People can unwind in the park while connecting to the internet. Additionally, Surfnet contributed to the Earthshine Foundation. Direct benefits from funding Earthshine include environmental protection, health, and human services, education, and peace. In 2023, Surfnet will strive to expand and improve its network while meeting the needs of its customers.

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