Fiber Coverage

Surfnet is pleased to be the first provider of high-speed Fiber-To-Home Internet Service in Monterey County. As part of a grant by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Surfnet is launching service initially along Paradise Road at Lakeview Drive. For more information on our internet service, please contact us using the form below.
This is an image of a portion of Monterey County in California, please contact Surfnet for actual coverage availibility

About Surfnet Fiber Internet

An Investment

Fiber internet service is an excellent investment for your home. In the 21st century, fiber optic cable is replacing the copper telephone wiring of the early 1900s. Upgrading to fiber internet service is the last connection you’ll ever need.

Fiber Backbone

Your house is directly connected to Surfnet’s Fiber backbone. Our 10 Gigabit backbone is a Fiber path to Tier 1 data centers in Silicon Valley, peered with the global internet. With Surfnet Fiber, your connection is one hop from the world-wide internet.

A Community Resource

Fiber internet service is a lifeline for researchers, students and remote workers who depend on broadband for their work/study.

No Limits

Because fiber internet moves at the speed of light, there are no data limits to your home. You'll have plenty of bandwidth as our plans start at 100 Mbps. Fill out the form below to see if you qualify!

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