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Southern California BassList Blowout, May 26, 2001

Horizontal and Vertical Frequency Response Variations of Raven R2, April 22, 2001

Pictures and Commentary from the South Bay Speaker Builders Meeting on January 14, 2001 featuring Siegfried Linkwitz


I've been designing and building speakers and some associated electronics for nearly 10 years. Below I've profiled several of these projects. I have tried a lot of different parts of this hobby. I have built amplifiers, crossovers, test gear, speakers. A few have been very successful and all have been great learning experiences.

A/V System| Pyramid| Sub| El Nino| Zen| INF10| Parapix| Measurements| CompBass| The "UGLIEST" SUB | BigBaffle| Pictures

AUDIO VIDEO SYSTEM  My home theater system is built into the walls of my living room. It uses 21 drivers, and 7 channels of amplification. It looks great even when it is not being used.

PYRAMID SPEAKERS These speakers were quite complex to build, are covered with high-gloss plastic laminate, but are based on easily available components.

SUBWOOFER Using the 12 inch Madisound 1252 DVC driver in a 3.0 cu. ft. box, this speaker doubles as a useful piece of furniture.

EL NINO  This speaker is my ultimate "Wow" effort. Just the paint cost more than most other speakers I have built.

ZEN AMP These homemade amps provide plenty of single ended power for the El Nino Speakers.

THE INF10 PAGE  I've done some measurements on this driver and built an enclosure from Sonotube.

PARAPIX AND OTHER STUFF Low cost amps from Apex Jr. are great for various sub projects. Hooking them up is sometimes confusing.

MEASUREMENTS  This section contains miscellaneous measurements.

COMPUTER BASS Using the 8 inch Madisound 81524 DVC Woofer and the Parapix Amp I came up with a fine bottom for the Multimedia stuff .

MISC PICTURES  An Index to Pictures from Basslist Gatherings and some other stuff

The "UGLIEST" SUB  Some things are better heard than seen. An uncommon subwoofer.

The Big Baffle System  Development of a large open baffle design. The final prototype is here. Updated 6/09/01

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